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Giant Sports products are designed to noticeably improve your life. We use these products ourselves, our family and friends. We make sure we are proud of what we offer.


No Added Sugars


No Artificial Sweeteners


No Fillers or Chemicals


No Gluten


Made in FDA Registered Facility


cGMP Compliant

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We love trying our drinks to ensure great taste and to make you feel great!

The Team Behind Giant Sports

Marketing Team

Brand director

Brand Director

Eric Gordon

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eComm, Digital Marketing Director

Joseph Ferrara

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Operations Team

Operations Manager

Operations Manager

John Jungsberger

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Accounts Payable

Helga Murphy

Customers Love Giant Sports

Product Reviews

I don’t review items too often. However, this one i feel like i have to. If you’re on the keto diet and on the fence about ordering this, promise me DO IT. The 30$ price tag can be a bit scary at first but this stuff is AMAZING. I put it in my morning coffee and blend it and dear lord its the best coffee ive had this whole diet. Just making the shake is like drinking a glass of cheese cake! Yum!



I love this product! It arrived quickly and tastes delicious! It keeps me satisfied in between meals when I need a little something extra to hold me over..


New Jersey

I have found a new obsession!! It is delicious & daily, I cannot wait to drink it! I cannot wait to put it in the recipes on the container!!



I never knew after starting the keto diet that I could still have protein shakes that fit the diet! It tastes just like cheesecake! Its absolutely delicious!



Fantastic!! OMG SUPER Fast delivery and the taste!!! This can’t be good for you the taste is out of this world Delicious!


New Jersey

I love cheesecake, so I was skeptical that this shake would taste like the real thing. I mixed one heaping scoop with 8 oz. water as suggested and it tasted just like cheesecake. I also tried it with milk, but it didn’t taste as good. This is one of those mixes that requires extra vigourous manual shaking to blend well. It may be better mixing it with a single-cup electric mixer.



I didn’t have high hopes of a really good tasting products since low carb means artificial sweetener, but I was so wrong! It is delicious! I use a scoop mixed with water, shake it up and then freeze it and it takes care of any sweet craving I have. My kids love it and want to make shakes for themselves!



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Every ingredient is carefully selected with your safety and goals in mind

All of our products conform to cGMP requirements and are made in NSF Certified facilities

Quality products manufactured in the USA with honest labels so you know exactly what you’re getting.

We Guarantee You Will Love Our Products

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But in case you don’t — a 30 day 100% Money-Back no hassle guarantee comes with each one of our products.  We stand by everything we do.

As a growing business, feedback is critical to us and our products. We want to hear from you. By bettering ourselves and our products the insight from our loyal customers helps us make better products for you.


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Questions about our products?  Need help getting started?  Maybe you just need a little pep talk or pat on the back.  Giant Sports is in your corner and only a phone call away.

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