About Us

Giant Sports International made its mark by creating one of the best tasting proteins to ever hit the market.  Since then, its pre-workouts and fitness supplements have been enjoyed all over the world.  Giant Sports made a huge impact in the ketogenic diet world with the release of Giant Keto, and will continue this with new flavors, sizes, and keto-friendly products.

The concept behind Giant Sports is downright simple: provide you with the absolute best products possible. The Giant Sports research & development team is committed to creating the most innovative, best tasting, and safest sports nutrition & dietary supplement products available in the industry. Better science produces better results. All Giant Sports supplements and proteins undergo extensive research and professional review before any of our products are manufactured.

Quality, integrity and transparency define our company’s core philosophy and drive everything we do – from dietary ingredient selection, to product taste, to where our products are manufactured and stored before distribution. We strive to be open and honest about the entire process.  It is not acceptable to be merely better – we will only accept being the absolute best.

Giant Sports products are formulated to be dramatically superior over what is currently being sold. We stand behind the science, formula and purity of every product we make. We encourage you to read our labels. Giant Sports products are produced in cGMP facilities and feature 100% open labeling, no proprietary blends, are NSF Certified, and many of which are lactose free, and gluten free.

We value our relationship with our customers, and are committed to your complete satisfaction with our products. We promise and guarantee our customers the following:

  • ALL PRODUCTS MADE AND CONFORM TO cGMP REQUIREMENTS PER US FEDERAL LAW. All of our products are made in professionally managed and maintained facilities that have been inspected and fully certified by governmental & NGO trade organizations such as the NSF to be in compliance with cGMP.
  • ALL INGREDIENTS ARE HIGHEST QUALITY OR GRADE AVAILABLE AND MEET WRITTEN AND VALIDATED SPECIFICATIONS AND STANDARDS. Every ingredient that is used to make our products is tested as required by law and our SOP’s BEFORE it can be used in the product. Not just to make sure it is the “correct ingredient” but to insure it free from microbiological contamination, potentially harmful chemical residues, meets requirements for heavy metals levels, and is free from banned substances.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If at any time you find you are unhappy with any of our products simply return the unused portion of the product with your sales receipt to the point of purchase for a “NO HASSLE – 100% REFUND” of your money.

QUESTIONS ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS? An educated consumer is a more satisfied consumer. If you have any questions about any of our products please contact us and we will always try our best to fully answer your questions and explain how our products work. You can easily reach someone to answer your questions by calling 732-965-5620 Monday-Friday from the hours of 9AM to 5PM

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