Muscle Rest and Recovery: Benefits, Tips, and more 🛌

by Eric Gordon on July 18, 2022

Rest and recovery days are critical for all athletes no matter what fitness level. Our bodies are not working machines, rather we require adequate physiological and psychological rest time. Allowing your body to unwind is just as important as exercise, heres why…


  • Reduces the risk for injury- Placing too must strenuous movement on the muscle can lead to muscle tears and stiffness. Not allowing plentiful time for your muscles to repair themselves can cause a ‘burn out’ feeling which can affect your form/performance in the gym.
  • Can enhance your REM sleep time- There four stages of sleep, one of these stages includes ‘REM’ or rapid eye movement sleep. While in REM stage of sleep, our bodies releases growth hormones that support muscle repair. Read more about REM sleep here: Sleep Basics 
  • Improves performance and mentality– Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘where did the time do?’, well your not alone. Often times our busy schedules cause us to loose track of time which can lead to a rushed on unfinished gym session. Use your rest and recovery day as an opportunity to catch up on chores or errands.
  • Supports a well-balanced lifestyle- Slow down! Taking a day off from the gym allows you to focus on other aspects of life such as friends and family. Maintaining healthy relationships with yourself and others is necessary for your mental health. Invite a friend to a lunch date or chat with a long-distance relative while on a scenic walk.


  • Create a schedule- While enjoying your daily cup of coffee, use a small note pad to write down goals and/or chores you wish to complete. Be mindful when creating a schedule, we’re not supper human!
  • Try visiting a local licensed PT professional– PT or Physical Therapists are health care providers who specialize in muscle recovery and repair. They will be able to cater to what YOUR body needs (remember no two bodies are built alike). Read more about Physical Therapy benefits here: 10 reasons why physical therapy is beneficial 
  • Listen to your body- Some days we wake up feeling sore and tired. This is your body telling you to take it easy!
  • Incorporate remedies or at-home massage tools- Tools such as a foam rollers, massage gun, foot massage balls, CBD roll-ons, or even a hot towel are all great ways to loosen up the muscle tissue.


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