Top Bicep Exercises for Building Muscle Mass

by Eric Gordon on June 27, 2022

Featured: Jossue Plascencia IFBB PRO

The bicep muscle is a large muscle that is located at the front of the arm. The bicep muscle has two tendons that attach to the shoulder and elbow bone. The biggest, most common mistake when weight training is not knowing how to target or isolate that specific muscle you are training. There are countless curl and cable exercises, so we narrowed down 8 bicep activation exercises that’ll help maximize your time in the gym #outsizethecompetition  

Maximizing Arm Exercises 

  • Standing alternating dumbbell curls
  • Standing alternating hammer curls
  • Seated bicep curls
  • Concentration curls
  • Cable curls with rope attachment
  • Cable curls with EZ-Bar attachment ( “W” shaped bar)
  • Barbell OR EZ-Bar curls (close grip)
  • Incline alternating curls

3 Helpful Tips…

  1. Before beginning your exercise, be sure to stretch out your muscles to prevent any tear or discomfort. You can also start off with a 10 minute incline walk to loosen and activate your muscles.
  2. Never workout on an empty stomach! Food is fuel, especially if you plan or have taken an energy supplement like a pre-workout scoop or energy shot.
  3. Be sure to start off your exercise at a comfortable weight. Too little weight will lead to no results, while too heavy weights will lead to injuries.


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