It’s almost bikini season and who doesn’t want to build a better booty? Follow our Team Giant booty workout and get that butt bikini ready.

20 Squats

50 Swim Kicks

15 Lunges (Each Side)

15 Donkey Kicks (Each Side)

30 Hip Thrusts

20 Sumo (Pile) Squats

30 Second Wall Sit

10 Explosive Lunges (Alternating)

10 Standing Sidekicks (Each Side)

20 Side Lunges (Alternating)

10 Squats

10 Donkey Kicks (Each Side)

10 Hip Thrusts

Team Giant Sports athlete Aubrey Heffley fuels her workouts with Giant Sports Giant Pump and Delicious Protein Elite. To learn more about Aubrey’s and the rest of Team Giant, visit our athlete page.

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