Do you want a free Collagen Plus Wellmune + $5 credit?

We need your help. We are looking for honest reviews for our product on To get this great deal please follow the instructions below.


This will require you to purchase the product upfront and Giant Sports International will reimburse you on the backend of this purchase.

Step 1

Go to


Step 2

Type in the search bar “fruity collagen peptides”


Step 3

Scroll down and select our product, Giant Sports Collagen Plus Wellmune. It may even be on page 2 of the search.


Step 4

Purchase your chosen flavor with your own funds


Step 5

Send us a screenshot of the order page for proof of purchase to

If you missed the proof of purchase page you can always go back to your orders by hovering over your Accounts & Lists tab and selecting Orders

For the mobile you can select the hamburger menu and the orders button at the bottom of your screen.




Step 6

When your product arrives email us a screenshot of the review and your email associated with Venmo and DONE!!!


Step 7

We will Venmo you $45!