May 25, 2017

Giant Sports International Releases First Products in China

MANASQUAN, N.J. – Giant Sports® International is proud to announce that their first shipment of sports nutrition products has arrived at Port Ningbo, Zheijiang, PRC and is on its way for sale in the greater Shanghai area.  Giant Sports, with its headquarters located in the US, is one of the top fitness supplement brands in Australia and New Zealand, while also being sold in India, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to see our products take such a foothold in the Asian rim,” said Peter Jungsberger, Managing Member for Giant Sports International.  “With mainland China and Hong Kong added to that list, we’re confident of the continued and substantial growth of the brand for many years to come.”

The multi-year effort finally concluded, with Giant Sports obtaining the regulatory approval needed through the CIQ in order to get its products approved for sale in China.  Executive Chief Forumlator, Bruce Kneller stressed the significance of this experience, despite the language and cultural difficulties Giant Sports had to overcome.

“I am just thrilled that we were able to get our first container devanned and cleared in Ningbo with absolutely no significant issues at all,” said Kneller.  Getting it correct the first time is a great trend to set.”

This news comes just weeks after Giant Sports International released its new, breakthrough weight-management product, Giant Keto.  The ketosis-inducing supplement is available on their website and Amazon, and is already a great addition to Giant Sports’ successful product line.

Giant Sports International is a sports nutrition and dietary supplement company based in New Jersey.  They provide a full line of products that are produced only in cGMP/NSF certified facilities.  Their products feature 100% open labeling, no proprietary blends, and many of which are lactose and gluten free.

For press questions or information requests please call the Giant Sports Int. office at 732-965-5620.



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