• Unsalted butter – 60g (2oz), softened
  • Philadelphia cream cheese – 60g (2oz)
  • Heavy Cream whipped – 90ml (3oz)
  • sugar-free cocoa powder– 1 tbsp
  • Truvia or another granulated sweetener to taste – 1 tbsp
  • 100% cacao sugar-free chocolate, to decorate (optional)


  • Leave butter at room temperature until softened (or blast in the microwave for 10-15 seconds if you haven’t got the time)
  • Mix butter with sweetener, keep mixing until completely blended
  • Add cream cheese, blend completely into a smooth mass
  • Add cocoa powder, blend completely
  • Whip heavy cream and gradually add to the rest of the mixture, mixing well
  • Spoon into small glasses and decorate with shavings of dark chocolate
  • if you have the time, refrigerate for 30 mins or so – it will taste even nicer.

Serving size: 1 serving (1/3 of the mix using ingredients quantities above)

Per serving: 335 calories, 1.5g net carbs, 37g fat, 2g protein

For the total mixture, using amounts listed above:
1010 calories, 4.5g net carbs, 7g protein, 110g fat

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