Introducing Keto, the newest (and by far the cutest) member of Team Giant!

We are proud of all of our sponsored athletes and their accomplishments, but we here at Giant knew something or someone was missing.  Little did we realize it would come in the form of Man’s Best Friend (even though our employees have been begging for an office puppy for years.)  We have such a great relationship with our local police, emergency services and military, and when the need was presented to us, we knew we had to help out.  That’s where this beautiful pup came from.

Keto is a Belgian Malinois and was born on 11-4-2016 in Deutsch Island.  At an early age, his owners knew he was special and destined for big things.  After boarding a flight to the US, Keto began his training in bite work, obedience and scent training to get ready for patrol school. His dreams are much bigger than this, though.  Keto is getting ready for patrol school in which he will learn everything he needs to be a sworn officer.  He will be trained in tracking, criminal apprehension, bite and release, as well as scent training for narcotics.  Keto is about to begin a long, 7-month journey towards certification as he works on fulfilling his dream of being a police officer.

When he isn’t working on being the best officer he can be, Keto loves to just be a normal dog.  He is super playful and loveable, and loves going for long walks, playing with his toys, and spending time with his friend, Officer Russell Okinsky.

Russell was ornamental in bringing Keto to Team Giant and has been working hard to get Keto ready for patrol school.  He has been a patrolman for five years with a background in narcotics, as well as being an instructor at the police academy.  Outside of the force, Russell is a cross-fit competitor that is of course fueled by Giant Sports products, especially Keto Rise.

In collaboration with the Pine Beach PD, NJ Outboards and the K9 Valor Task Force, we have been able to bring a K9 Unit to Pine Beach, supplying a fully outfitted SUV and this beautiful pup for service.  Our goal is to help Keto along the way, and give other police departments and dogs like him the same funds, supplies, and opportunities through our fundraising and our foundation.

Be sure to follow along with his journey on his very own Instagram and check periodically on the Giant Sports page for events and promotions with Keto!

Support Keto the K9

Want to help out Keto and dogs like him? Purchase a Keto Nine T-shirt!  We will donate 60% of every T-Shirt purchase to K9 Valor Task Force to help with training and supplies for Keto and other local Police K9 Units.

K9 Valor Task Force

The K9 Valor Task Force provides pet oxygen masks to local fire departments, bulletproof vests to Police K-9’s, Pet CPR training and post fire/disaster assistance to those in need.

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