BHB Salt containing products are a hot category in both the weight management and performance enhancement spaces right now.  However, Giant Sports International decided to make a bold statement with Giant Keto™ – which is what I feel is the most elegant and effective version of a BHB salt containing nutritional product to date.

If you are new to ketosis, ketogenic diets and the benefits of being ketotic, I am going to throw you a few links so you can learn more about the metabolic shift towards burning fat. Even if you are not new to this topic, you might find it a good time to review.  I would also like to point out that these individuals are unaffiliated with myself and Giant Sports International.

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Ketogenic Dieting in Bodybuilding for Fat Loss and Muscle Gain by Benjamin Pukulski

Now that you have at least a fundamental idea surrounding the whole “keto thing” let’s briefly talk about the use of exogenous BHB salts (ketone) products as an agent in helping you to reach your physique and weight loss goals, as well as some of the unique things that went into formulating Giant Keto.

Exogenous ketones are simply that – ketone bodies that you ingest (in the form of a BHB salt) as opposed to ketone bodies that your body makes on its own (endogenous ketones).  Honestly, you want to take advantage of both forms.  In order to shift from the usual, sugar burning, carb-fueled/fat storing metabolic state into the somewhat atypical, fat burning metabolic state, I have observed that it usually takes the average person a solid 72 hours of heavy, near-perfect dieting and exercise to make this transition.  During this transitional phase lasting about three days, I almost constantly hear complaints that people feel weak, lethargic and lack motivation due to this metabolic shift.  Being on the cusp of ketosis seems to make most folks irritable and moody. All of this, of course, makes it even more difficult to successfully make and maintain this metabolic shift.

However, with the advent of the BHB (exogenous ketone) salts like those found in Giant Keto, it’s possible to reduce this time frame from 72 hours down to under an hour.  As you can imagine, being able to shift your metabolism from carb-fueled/fat storing into a fat burning/ketotic metabolism in less than 60 minutes has great appeal.  First, you potentially start burning fat about three days sooner, and who would not want that?  Additionally, you all but eliminate the three days of misery I alluded to just a minute ago.  And we all know that no one wants to feel and be miserable.

Giant Keto provides you the opportunity to shift into a ketotic metabolic state in under one hour and it greatly reduces the suffering many people would normally experience as they transition into ketosis over several days of extreme dieting.  Sounds pretty good, right?  What’s also amazing about Giant Keto is something I call “The Forgiveness Factor.”  Let’s say you manage to shift your metabolism into ketosis after three days of extreme dieting and suffering, only to accidentally mess it all up by eating something with a lot of “hidden carbs” (or if in a moment of weakness, you scarf down a bunch of donuts).  This would throw you out of the desirous, fat burning, ketotic state and right back into carb burning “regular metabolism.”  So, is it back to the beginning and potentially adding yet an additional three more extra days of metabolic misery (and three more days of not losing fat maybe) to get yourself back into ketosis?  Think about it.  This could all be avoided…if you use exogenous BHB salt products like Giant Keto.  Then, “carb accidents” can be potentially fixed in under an hour and not in up to three days.   Theoretically, this allow you to barely miss a beat in your quest to keep yourself ketotic and using fat as your primary energy source.      – Bruce Kneller, Formulator of Giant Keto

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