In addition to helping you shed copious amounts of unwanted body fat at an accelerated rate, I wanted to share some of the other potential “cool things” that being in ketosis may add to your life.  Below are some videos from some of the heavy hitters and serious experts in their field, covering ketosis, exogenous ketones, performance enhancement, etc.  Again, they are completely unaffiliated with myself and Giant Sports.

Ketogenic Diet Research Dr Dominic D’Agostino at TEDx Tampa Bay by Debra Moorland

Dr. Dominic D’Agostino – What are Exogenous Ketones vs Endogenous Ketones? By the Keto Advocate

Keto Diet, Weight Loss & Muscle – Updated Science by High Intensity Health

Giant Keto is an exceptional, fully open-labeled and high dose sports nutrition product that supplies you with the BHB salts you want and need to get into ketosis, as well as to experience the potential benefits discussed above.  While this is important, there are other ingredients found in Giant Keto – ingredients not found in other BHB salt products – that are key critical and something you’re certainly going to want to know all about.

Per serving, Giant Keto contains a whopping, 4-gram dose of L-Aspartic Acid, and a 1-gram dose of L-Carnitine L-Tartrate. Both of these dietary ingredients are unique to Giant Keto in the exogenous BHB salt product world and both are deliberately formulated into the product at clinically significant doses in order to help mitigate the detrimental effects of increased in plasma ammonia so often seen in people when they are training hard and during strenuous athletic events.

It’s very probable that finding ways of reducing and/or mitigating the effects of plasma ammonia during training or athletic events will result in a measurable increase in human performance.  The links below are to a few good reads that are relevant to this topic.  Peruse at your leisure.

Ammonia metabolism in exercise and fatigue: a review

Biomarkers of peripheral muscle fatigue during exercise

Ammonia Toxicity in the Central Nervous System

My opinion – and the literature backs me up quite robustly here – is that an increase in the level of plasma ammonia quickly results in feelings of central nervous system exhaustion and fatigue.

Additionally, there is nothing remotely healthy about having a higher-than-normal plasma ammonia levels.  So how do we go about reducing both the amount of plasma ammonia and it’s deleterious, performance sapping effects?  Well, there is a good chance that multi-gram doses of L-Aspartic Acid will assist in clearing that excess ammonia right out of your blood fairly quickly.  That’s a great start.

Additionally, one of the little-known facts about L-Carnitine is that it competes against ammonia in the brain and it is often used medically in people who suffer from hepatic encephalopathy secondary to hyperammonemia.  In a nutshell, it appears L-Carnitine actually works by blunting the performance-sapping effects (exhaustion, fatigue) of ammonia in the central nervous system.

My opinion – and it’s all but obvious – is that if you combine the potential, ammonia scavenging/removing effects of L-Aspartic Acid with the known ammonia “blocking” effects of L-Carnitine in the CNS, that you just might end up with – maybe –a pretty good “1-2 combination” that should noticeably increase your endurance and overall athletic performance.  I think this will result in faster times, longer and more intense training sessions and overall, a better “feel” during your exercise or event.  – Bruce Kneller, Formulator of Giant Keto

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