Models for Giant Sports

We would love for you to join our modeling team.



Manasquan NJ (not exactly where we will be shooting)

The Look

We are looking for a variety of models that can replicate the keto consumer space. We want to resonate with the happy, light, fun aspects of a healthy lifestyle diet.

Who We Need

We are looking for females ranging from early 20’s to late 30’s. We want to speak to women who are young or middle age moms, wifes, and girlfriends.

What We Need Shots of

We would be more specific in our interaction but we are primarily looking for people interacting with our products. This includes but not limited to: holding our containers, making shakes, looking healthy in a kitchen next to our product.


We are trying to avoid generic stock images of women with an overlay of our product. We want images that show social proof that people have interacted and love our product. That it is a reflection of themselves and they want to be a part of it.


You can contact me, Joe Ferrara


Example of shots and look we desire

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