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Over 1300 Reviews "SO GOOD!!"
This bone broth really surprised me! I bought it to have as a substitution for home made while traveling but now want to have it at home as well. I love it! A bit pricey but so yummy & good for you, especially when you don’t have time to make bone broth from scratch.
Cathy G.
November 27, 2022
Bone Broth is our SUPERFOOD

High Quality Blend of Half Grass Fed Beef Bone Broth and Half Grass Fed Beef Collagen Peptides, Providing Type I & III, Raise the Collagen Levels in your Body and Enjoy the Multiple Hydrolyzed Collagen Benefits! With an ALL NATURAL formula, this SUPERFOOD protein is 100% safe and efficient, Pasture Raised, Non-GMO, Soy, Dairy Gluten Free, Collagen Bone Broth Does Not Contain Any Harmful Preservatives, or Fillers, Binders.

Our customers love the taste and keeps saying it's better than expected.

The savory, natural chicken and veggie flavor of Bone Broth Plus Greens can be enjoyed as a satisfying cup of chicken broth soup or even as a stock to be used in your favorite recipes. Even great as miso soup.

Laura Raynor
I just started using MyFitness Pal to control calories, and I find myself exhausting all my 1400 calories by 4PM. One scoop of this stuff with a bunch of chopped green onions and I’m not hungry until the next day! It’s gonna be a huge part of my health + weight loss journey. Plus the greens! Wish it was cheaper, because I want to drink it daily. Flavor is delicious, too. Good stuff!
Julie Yeoman
I'm getting older as we all are and do not like the way my neck looks and sore joints. I have been sipping this broth as an afternoon snack. It's tasty and I like the added greens. My arthritis in my fingers is a lot less painful. The other results will take time.
Cathy Garneau
This bone broth really surprised me! I bought it to have as a substitution for home made while traveling but now want to have it at home as well. I love it! A bit pricey but so yummy & good for you, especially when you don’t have time to make bone broth from scratch.
Review author
January 1, 2021
Julie Myers
LOVE this BUT it needs is a couple of tweaks. 1. This gets just a bit gritty at the end, but TASTES DELICIOUS!!! I just get a little choked up sometimes from the grittiness in the last few sips. 2. For the cost, I want a larger package. I absolutely LOVE this broth. I ordered it hoping it will help heal erosions in my stomach. This has become more than an effort to heal, and has become a comfort food that I crave and look forward to everyday. I can't judge this much on pain relief as I have only gone through 2.5 tubs, but it does seem to be soothing for my stomach. I have noticed less bodily pain, but I'm doing a lot to help me heal, so I can't say how much of that may be from this. PLEASE GIVE US LARGER TUBS AT A BETTER PRICE. I want to live the rest of my life being able to afford this!!
Connie Jay Sanford
Sometimes we need a great fast 'Healer' .. this is mine. I will make me a cup when i feel the need n sip it. I swear by this..healer!!
Okay...I have had a long day. I was so hungry, but didn't have anything quick to fix. I remembered that I bought this bone broth, and hadn't made any yet. "Okay, yeah, sure," I thought, "I'll have a cup." I expected to be thoroughly disgusted with it, and throw it down the drain. I'm literally licking the residue out of my mug right now. And, it satisfied my hunger. This is, as other reviewers have said, absolutely delicious. It's so good that I can't wait to have it again tomorrow. This is my honest review, from my tastebuds and my heart.
Mark T.
I use this product to help SUPPLEMENT my diet. I have kidney disease, more specifically ADRENAL dysfunction. I have to eat more nutrient DENSE calories and hydrate, hydrate hydrate. I often ADD this powder along with protein rich bone broth powder to other foods. This particular FLAVOR works great and tastes good added to some simple ramen noodles. For a person like myself, I do not have much energy to stand and make quality fresh meals. So, this is a helpful Go TO which supplies some foundational building blocks of nutrition in an easy to use format. It has greatly improved my energy from a baseline of zero.
There is an "off" odor when I first add hot water. However, I find the product flavorful. Will purchase again.
Sadie H.
I am someone that loves broth. This in my opinion has a pretty good flavor especially for having the greens added. I add a pinch of cayenne to mine. I wish that there were more servings per container, I run out quickly as it’s something I drink every morning. The color of the drink takes on a bit of a green color. This is definitely something you could add to soups or meals and wouldn’t notice it’s there.
Alfonso Romero and Heather
I usually make broth and drink it once or twice a day, with veggies boiled forever and it turns so good. I ordered this for back up and trips. It’s delicious. I add a sprinkle of cayenne, a swish of lemon, and some drops of braggs liquid aminos. It’s awesome for me, ever since I started with broth I pretty much never get sick and if I do it’s always just a little bit of a stomach but because my body never ends up fighting it as a cold or flu. I love the product and I’ll buy it again.
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