One of the potential issues with a ketogenic lifestyle – and I admit more study is surely & still warranted here – is that in some populations there is a decrease in plasma thyroid hormone levels seen in a subset of people.  According to one study, about one in six people (about 16.7%) can end up hypothyroidic within about six months of initiating and maintaining ketosis.  Many of these people unfortunately required Rx prescription thyroid hormone to correct this pathological state.  Also of note, females are much more likely to experience ketosis-related hypothyroidism than males.

For more information please read here:

Changes of thyroid hormonal status in patients receiving ketogenic diet due to intractable epilepsy.

An interesting side note is that being ketotic is associated with being or ending up deficient in the mineral selenium.  Roughly half of all people in one study who were ketogenic for 6-12 months were diagnosed with a clinically relevant selenium deficiency.

For more information please read here:

The Effect of Ketogenic Diet on Serum Selenium Levels in Patients with Intractable Epilepsy.

While we cannot absolutely correlate that the thyroid dysfunction observed in some people who are in ketosis for multi-month time frames is caused by a selenium deficiency, it is well known that a selenium deficiency is absolutely correlated with thyroid dysfunction and hypothyroidism in general.  It’s also well known that selenium in the form of selenoproteins are needed by the thyroid gland to product active thyroid hormones.

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Selenium and the thyroid gland: more good news for clinicians

Selenium and Thyroid Disease: From Pathophysiology to Treatment

If you are using a ketogenic diet with the hopes of losing weight/fat, about the last thing you want to do is slow down your metabolic rate by being hypothyroidic.  To help mitigate the potential for thyroid issues in those who are living a ketogenic lifestyle, Giant Sports is the first and only company to date to launch a BHB salt product with added selenium (100mcg, 143% USRDA per serving) for the reasons noted in the studies above.  Your health matters to us – choose your BHB salt product wisely.

By – Bruce Kneller, Formulator of Giant Keto