What is "BHB"?

by Eric Gordon on October 31, 2019
If you’re on a ketogenic diet, you already know that taking certain supplements may enhance your results and enable you to lose weight even more quickly. One of those products is beta-hydroxybutyrate, or BHB. This is a stable and very abundant type of ketone and it is the main ketone used for energy. Your body produces BHB when you’re participating in a keto diet but adding a supplement with this in it can mean results that are nothing short of miraculous.

Just the Basics

Ketone bodies, or energy molecules, are important with a keto diet because this is a low-carb but high-fat type of diet. Ketones are produced when your body is getting more of its energy from fats than from carbs and adding supplements can help the process to run more efficiently.
There are three main ketone bodies that your body produces when you’re on the keto diet and BHB is one of them. It is also the most abundant type of ketone body because nearly 80% of the ketone bodies in your body are BHB ketones.
Whenever your body is running on fats instead of carbohydrates, e.g., when you’re on a keto diet, it needs to make the most out of the energy it has and BHB is the main energy used in these types of diets. In short, you need this ingredient in your diet so that the energy you do utilize is more efficient since BHB is one of the ketones your body produces when it’s breaking down fat so that your body can have the energy it needs.

What Are Exogenous Ketones?

Exogenous ketones are those ketones that come from certain supplements, most notably salt. These are water-soluble ketones that usually come in two forms: salts and esters. Esters are a raw form that have nothing added to them; however, even though they are effective in helping you lose weight on a keto diet, they can also be quite expensive.
Salts, on the other hand, are much more reasonably priced and are designed to help you enter ketosis faster and to help you stay there much longer. In addition to sodium, they usually contain potassium, calcium, and magnesium and some companies also add creatine and lysine. If you get your ketones through an outside source such as a supplement, they are considered exogenous.
When you use keto supplements that include salts, you can:
  • Suffer far fewer GI symptoms
  • Decrease the intensity of free fatty acids
  • Easily mix them with food and water
  • Make sure that they taste good
Exogenous salts can decrease the flu-like symptoms that many people experience when they first get on the keto diet. If you’re new to the keto diet and experiencing tummy problems or irritability, these supplements can help. They can also help raise your BHB levels quickly so that you get the results you want even sooner as well as increase muscle tone, reduce inflammation, and normalize your blood glucose level.
Exogenous BHB salts are the perfect way to get your exogenous ketones without spending a lot of money. You’ll want to know that you’re getting the best form of this type of supplement so your weight loss happens even quicker. Fortunately, ordering these supplements is simple because there are numerous online stores that sell them and they are available at brick-and-mortar stores as well.

Dieting May Deplete Certain Vitamins and Minerals

When you’re on any diet, including the keto diet, you’ll likely need to add a good multi-vitamin and mineral supplement because dieting of any type can deplete your body of certain vitamins. BHB supplements not only provide special ingredients that your body may be missing but also ingredients that you need to help you boost your diet and get as much out of it as possible.
In addition, you should make sure that the supplement you’re taking includes:
  • Vitamin D (1000 to 1200 IU)
  • Vitamins B7 and B5
  • Potassium gluconate (2750 mg)
  • Potassium chloride (one-quarter teaspoon per day)
  • Metamucil if you’re prone to constipation
If you choose a supplement that is specifically made for the keto diet, you’ll get everything you need in that supplement and it can come in many forms. Pills, for example, are easy to take and are often gluten-free. They are easy to take and can have numerous other important ingredients added, including goBHB™, which is a supplement specifically designed to raise blood ketone levels so that losing weight and alertness are greatly improved.
BHB supplements also come in the form of shakes, which you mix into either water or milk so that you can drink your way to better health. You can either purchase powders that you can make into shakes or powders that you add to certain liquids, including shakes, so that getting the boost you need is a lot easier on your part.
Best of all, the shakes and powders can come in lots of different flavors including chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, pineapple coconut, and even butter coffee. These products are a great way to add the supplements that your body will need once you start on the keto diet and most of them are inexpensive as well.

Back to Beta-Hydroxybutyrate

Once you learn more about beta hydroxybutyrate, you’ll quickly realize that this supplement does far more than just help you lose more weight while on the keto diet. When you skimp on carbs, you often have to use supplements so that you can get the energy you need and deserve, which is why those supplements are so important.
Beta-hydroxybutyrate helps reduce your cravings while dieting, provides you with a lot more energy, and helps your brain and mind stay clearer and more focused. Indeed, when it comes to your brain, this ingredient is extremely important because in addition to these benefits, it can also support organ health, fight oxidative stress, and even promote healthy inflammation response.
Being on a ketogenic diet results in a lot of weight loss in a short period of time but adding ketone-inspired supplements can make those results come a lot sooner. You’ve likely relied on carbs in the past for your energy levels but when you choose a low-carb diet, you might wonder where that energy will come from. BHB supplements increase the effectiveness of getting your energy from fat; therefore, you won’t have to worry about your energy levels when you’re on the keto diet.
If you wish to make the effects of your diet even greater, taking supplements such as exogenous ketones or even medium chain triglycerides -- MCTs -- will take you further than you’ll go without them. In fact, the BHB salt supplements can boost your ketone levels in under two hours, which means you won’t have to wait for 12 to 24 hours just for your body to switch from using carbs to using fats for energy.
For these and many other reasons, experts claim that BHB provides for a much cleaner and more powerful type of energy. It is a much better energy source than glucose and can greatly improve both your brain power and your metabolism, making it the perfect ingredient to add to any type of low-carb keto diet.

What’s So Special About goBHB™?

The product called goBHB™ is patented and specifically designed to help people on low-carb diets enhance their effects so that they lose more weight in a shorter period of time. It is also thought to help with cognition, satiety, and endurance. There are three main benefits to this supplement, including:
  • Endurance while sparing leucine and glycogen
  • Improved cognition and alertness
  • A better way to manage your weight
Think of goBHB™ as you do cholesterol-reducing medications: they are made to work with a specific diet and exercise plan, which means that the results will come more quickly and be much better overall. You won’t be able to lose weight by simply taking the beta hydroxybutyrate supplement alone; however, if you stick with a low-carb diet and exercise regularly, the supplements will multiply the results that you’re already getting.
This is why goBHB™ is such a popular product with those who are using the keto diet to lose weight. Naturally, when your body is switching from burning carbs to burning fats, there is going to be an adjustment period. You may even experience the “keto flu,” which can cause flu-like symptoms such as lack of energy and lack of concentration, but a good supplement can make that part of the transition much shorter so that you can feel better both physically and emotionally very soon.
One of the biggest advantages of adding goBHB™ to your diet is that it can start to work even if you aren’t in ketosis yet. In fact, this supplement works immediately and can help you start feeling better right from the start. Regardless of the stage you’re in with your keto or low-carb diet, the goBHB™ supplement can intensify the effects so that you can take full advantage of your diet plan.
The way this supplement works is fairly simple. It raises and sustains ketone levels, which improves performance and cognition; provides a quick source of energy to the brain, which boosts cognition; and regulates blood sugar so that your workouts are more effective. More often than not, 12 grams of the product per day is what works best.
There are two types of beta-hydroxybutyrate -- L-beta and D-beta -- and it is the latter that is used in goBHB™. D-beta-hydroxybutyrate absorbs quickly and goes through the blood-brain barrier with ease, which are a few of the reasons why it is used in supplements for people on the keto diet. With goBHB™, you can even reduce your hunger pains and make going into ketosis a lot easier and a lot more efficient.
The product goBHB™ is very safe to use and it is a great alternative to diet/energy pills that have a lot of unhealthy caffeine in them. You can use it even if you’re a diabetic or allergic to gluten. It is an all-natural product that will never result in any negative side effects. Better still, you can find the product almost anywhere that you find diet supplements or vitamins, including Walgreens, Walmart, and online at websites such as amazon.com.

This and That

If you’ve decided to go on the keto diet and wish to take BHB supplements, you can take the supplements at various times during the day, including:
  • In the mornings in place of breakfast, which helps keep your ketones up
  • Before or during workouts to make them more effective
  • In between meals whenever you feel cravings coming on
Essentially, you can use the supplement at almost any time; however, it is recommended that you not take it in the evenings because the closer you get to bedtime, the more likely it will keep you up at night and give you problems falling asleep.
People are also concerned about the safety of these supplements but there is simply no reason to be concerned. BHB is a metabolite that occurs naturally in the body and that forms when your metabolism kicks up and when your body is digesting fat. People who are concerned about its safety need not worry because this is an effective, all-natural, and very safe product.


Low-carb diets such as the keto diet have proven to help people lose more weight more quickly than other types of diets. If you supplement with beta-hydroxybutyrate, the results are even more amazing. Switching from relying on carbs for your energy levels to relying on fats instead takes some adjustment but the sooner you start taking BHB supplements, the sooner you’ll start to see the results that you were expecting.
Another benefit of using these supplements -- and it’s a big one -- is that you’re more likely to stick to your diet if you use them as opposed to dieting without any supplements. Let’s face it; sticking to a diet is sometimes more difficult than starting a diet but with the right supplements, the entire process will be a lot easier on you both physically and emotionally, which is going to increase the odds of being successful.


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