How to Make Your Ketogenic Diet a Success

by Eric Gordon on December 20, 2017
It's no secret, ketogenic diets can be strict and difficult to follow.  It takes preparation and focus, and requires you to really watch what you eat.  Besides this, there are a few things we feel you could do to make sure you get the results you want on a ketogenic diet.
Below are a few helpful hints that Giant Sports strongly suggests that everyone do before starting your ketogenic diet.
1) Take a “before” picture.  This is one of the best ways for you to look back and document the progress you make on your ketogenic diet.
2) Take body measurements.  Same reason as above.
3) Keep below 25g net carbohydrate per day - The first few weeks are critical to the success of your ketogenic diet.  This is the time when your body will adapt to its ketogenic metabolism.  Dramatically minimizing your carbohydrate intake as much as you are able to will absolutely help you achieve and maintain ketosis. After the first few weeks as you become more familiarized with the ketogenic diet as well as what works for you personally, you may be able to add in more carbohydrates each day.
4)Carefully plan your meals – Sure, we all know it’s difficult to “go no carb” in today’s modern world. Every fast food restaurant you go to will serve meals that include a substantial portion of bread or French fries. Planning ahead will keep you on on point and on your diet at all times. Whether it’s simple meal preparation, following a written or online guide, or f you have to, cooking everything you plan on eating by yourself, knowing exactly what your next meal is will help you stay focused and in ketosis.
Giant Sports knows that the beginning of any new diet program is always the most difficult, but once you become familiar with a ketogenic diet, you will have more freedom to explore additional food options, or actually have a cheat meal every now and again.
4) Keep your meals simple.  When making radical dietary changes, one of the biggest questions is figuring out, “what foods can I actually eat?”  Giant Sports highly suggests that you keep your meals as simple as possible until you adjust to the changes of a keto-adapted lifestyle..
Sure, we know its not exciting, but staying with those foods and meals you’re familiar with will help you get used to the your ketogenic diet.
5) Drink plenty of water.  When you suddenly stop consuming a lot of carbohydrates your body will become much less bloated, and you will lose quite a bit of water weight – especially the first week you are on a ketogenic diet. Not eating those carbohydrates that can cause your body retain water, you’ll need to replenish your fluids more frequently. You’ll also want to get plenty of electrolytes (those zero calorie sports drinks are a decent choice) to avoid electrolyte deficiency.
These are just a few tips that Giant Sports highly recommends to those anyone who is starting a ketogenic diet and life in a keto-adapted state of metabolism. Obviously, not all people live the same lifestyle, so you’re going to have to do a little work to find what works best for you!
Don't forget our great-tasting exogenous ketones to help give you the energy, focus and support you need throughout your diet!