BHB and the Benefits of Taking BHB Salt Products

by Eric Gordon on December 17, 2017
Getting to know the basics:
BHB is an acronym for “Beta Hydroxybutyrate” – one of the three ketone bodies that are naturally produced as your body metabolizes fat for use as fuel. BHB is normally found in all people’s blood in varying amounts.  The other two ketone bodies made by your body as it metabolizes fat for fuel are Acetone and Acetoacetic Acid. Both of these are also normally found in your blood in varying amounts.  All three of these ketone bodies are normally liquids.  BHB salt products are dietary supplements where the “BHB” has been molecularly attached to a mineral – usually Calcium, Sodium or Magnesium – to form a stable solid product (a powder). Dietary supplements that contain BHB salts provide the user with a ready, literally -  “on demand”-  supply of ketone bodies. They almost instantly raise your blood ketone level even if you’re not in a state of ketosis before you take them - like when you are not on a low carbohydrate diet.